Oaxacan Zapotec Weavers Exhibit at Cafe Rozella – Tuesday September 30th

September 27th, 2008 Ricardo Posted in Arts, Cultural Center, Economy, Sustainability, White Center 1 Comment »

La Vida Nueva – Zapotec women’s weaving collective visits Seattle

Tuesday, September 30th 3pm – 9pm
(Café Rozella: 9434 Delridge Way SW  206.763.5805 www.caferozella.com


La Vida Nueva is a women’s weaving collective in Teotitlan del Valle , Oaxaca Mexico .  These Zapotec artisans are continuing their traditional methods of dying, spinning, and weaving wool tapetes (rugs) all by hand.  Their work and homeland are internationally acclaimed for the quality of weaving.
Pastora Gutierrez will be representing the 14 women of the collective on this 2008 West Coast Tour.  Each stop is an opportunity to create cultural ties with the Zapotec women, as well as learning about the work and community of their cooperative.  All the women of La Vida Nueva are independently supporting themselves and their children through the work of the collective.
There are two opportunities in Seattle to meet Pastora and her friend and translator Juanita Rodriguez.  These are also opportunities to purchase heirloom quality traditional Zapotec tapetes.  This annual selling tour is the main source of income for La Vida Nueva.
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Air quality study

August 26th, 2008 FullTilt Posted in Businesses, Economy, Health, Neighborhoods, Weather, White Center news 1 Comment »

I know this is rather old news, and the rain has really cleaned up the air in the past few days,  but I went and read up on it this evening after seeing all the black soot that washed off the front of my store.   Most of this study has to do with South Park and Georgetown, but given our proximity, I doubt the pollution knows to stay in that area.

My favorite line from the PI article is; “At Capital Industries, a Georgetown metal fabricator closer to homes than the airfield, the computer model predicts a rate of 600 cancer cases for every million people exposed. “. I don’t like those odds. I mean 600 per million is small, except that is 600 people that are going to die for no good reason.

First link is a PDF of the actual report the second is an article in the PI.



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Your thoughts sought on “Neighborhood Revitalization”

August 24th, 2008 Tracy Posted in Economy, Government 2 Comments »

On first glance, it sounds dry as a grassy parking strip in August: The county is seeking comments right now on Amendments to the Consolidated Housing & Community Development Plan for 2005-2009. However, if you peek inside those documents, you will find the newest document about the proposal for creating a White Center Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area. This document describes its potential boundaries as follows:

North: From 18th Avenue SW east along SW Roxbury to 2nd Avenue SW, east along the City of Seattle borderline to SR 509;

South: From S124th Street and SR 509 to SW 126th Street to 112th SW;

East: State Route 509 from S 99th Street to S 124th Street;

West: North from SW 126th SW along 12th Avenue SW then west on SW 116th Street to 16th Avenue SW, north to SW 112th Street, west to 19th Avenue SW and north to SW Roxbury.

Once you’ve read the proposal, you can use this online form to comment on it; the deadline is September 15.

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