ELECTION DAY: Time’s running out to drop off your ballot

Procrastinating on voting? You have until 8 pm to get your ballot in, if you use a King County Elections drop box. KCE staff is standing by at the boxes in these final hours, including the White Center Library (1409 SW 107th) and the Boulevard Park Library (12015 Roseberg Ave. S.). Don’t use the USPS mail unless you’re sure it’s going to be postmarked today (some Post Offices are open until 6 and you can ask that it be hand-canceled). King County’s one-and-only first-night results report is expected around 8:15 pm; we’ll break out the local ballot measures of note, including the North Highline Fire District benefit charge, the Highline Public Schools tech levy, and the King County charter amendments related to the Sheriff’s Office.

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