Ride the bus home from downtown Seattle? Another reroute test planned Thursday

On partner site West Seattle Blog, we’ve been covering the homeward-bound bus crunch for weeks. But it affects people traveling south of WS, too, so heads up – another reroute test is planned for southbound routes this Thursday (August 15th). Details here.

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4 Responses to “Ride the bus home from downtown Seattle? Another reroute test planned Thursday”

  1. Thanks for the info!

  2. ALL,

    I have a re-route plan for the south bound #128 which can’t
    make the left turn at SW 108th St when approaching from the
    North on 8th Ave SW.
    Turn right at SW 108th St SW and proceed to 12th Ave SW.
    Then turn left on 12th Ave SW and follow it to SW 116th St.
    Turn Left again and continue easterly and make up with the
    original existing south bound #128 route at 4th Ave SW.
    Also install Bus Stops at popular places along toe way.

    Thanks, WC

  3. How about get rid of this cumbersome round about on 107th and replace this whole mess with pedestrian stop signals

  4. @daiisy The roundabouts force people to maintain the posted speed limit . Stop signals allow for the cars to fly by or go over the speed limit . As long as a police officers is not watching .

    Have you ever been stuck in a crosswalk where one lane of traffic stops . But the other lane or lanes if it’s first ave keeps going like they don’t see you . Because some people (Idiot’s) don’t want follow the simple traffic laws . Think oh if I can get to point b 10 seconds faster who cares about the person trying to cross the street actually using a crosswalk .