Community advisory council members sought for project at ex-Public Health site

We’re publishing this announcement both here and on partner site West Seattle Blog because of the scope of the project:

The White Center Community Development Association (WCCDA), celebrating its 15th year serving White Center families with family/social services, small business/entrepreneurial development, school educational support, and family wellness, is partnering with Southwest Youth and Family Services (SWYFS), which provides critical health services to youth and families-at-risk, to create the White Center Neighborhood Advisory Council. This 20-person council, nominated from diverse segments of our White Center community, will meet twice a month, over five months in 2018, to assist us in the following;

*Review and plan for a Family Resource Center at the former White Center public health building site at 8th Ave. SW and SW 108th Ave, now temporarily used by Mary’s Place as transitional housing for homeless families.

*Develop a long-range affordable housing plan for White Center that helps keep White Center families living near each other, and incorporate the planning process findings into affordable housing at the former public health site

*Assist in ensuring that homeless transitional housing is considered as a continuing service in the affordable housing discussions for the site and elsewhere in White Center that will result.

The 20 members of this Council will receive $100 each in May of 2018, to compensate for their time serving on this council. The Nomination Form and Scope of Work for the Advisory Council can be found at the WCCDA website. All nominations are welcome, but we reserve the right to ensure that broad, diverse community perspectives are included through the nomination process as described in the Nomination Form and Scope of Work.

Nomination forms are due by December 12 at the CDA Open House meeting from 4-6 pm, that will be held at the WCCDA offices in the Technology Access Foundation building at 605 SW 108th Street. All nominees are encouraged to attend this meeting to meet staff, learn about the existing important work our staff do here in White Center, and eat good food. Child care will be provided.

Questions: Mark@WCCDA.ORG or call the WCCDA office at 206-694-1082

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3 Responses to “Community advisory council members sought for project at ex-Public Health site”

  1. Question Mark Says:

    I’d like to see projects like this done in cooperation with the another community group interested in the success of White Center, the North Highline Unincorporated Area Council.

  2. As the documents referenced here state, the NHUAC has been invited to nominate a participant.

  3. Residents and NHUAC should be involved in any long-range planning for the old Public Health site. In fact, that was promised by the county when the decision was made to put Mary’s Place in that space.

    I got wind that the CDA was doing something related to the site last Thursday. I immediately called Sili and told her I wanted to be involved. She agreed and said she’d send me some paperwork.

    Yesterday,I followed up with an email to Sili. I reminded her about the paperwork and invited her to join tonight’s NHUAC meeting.

    Late this afternoon,I was surprised to see an email from Mark Ufkes. Apparently, he’s now working for the CDA. His email to me is not nearly as informative as this notice.

    A good place to start this process is with a fair housing study and an update to the CDA’s 2011 Opportunity Analysis.

    Facts matter.