CAN YOU HELP? White Center Mary’s Place shelter needs meals next week

From Linda at Mary’s Place:

The Mary’s Place kitchen is being renovated and we need help with meals at our White Center Family Center next week.

We need groups or individuals to bring a meal for 50 people each night next week! If someone can help or would like more information they can email

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5 Responses to “CAN YOU HELP? White Center Mary’s Place shelter needs meals next week”

  1. Thank you!!

  2. Wow…never been down and out have you, Julie? Do you know what Mary’s Place does for women and children? I am surprised they let that highly insensitive comment to be posted.

  3. Deleted – did not see that comment until coming back here tonight to start writing another story. Thanks.

  4. No worries, Tracy. I know you are a busy person! Thank you, however, for deleting, it did seem as if that comment was out of character for your blogs;)

  5. Awakened by the fire sirens and went to WSB to see what’s going on. Then as I continued navigating the WSB site , I came upon this need for help and most definately want to help. Not sure if you still need help with this particular outreach but I can most certainly be of help in another capacity.
    I will email the above address:)