UPDATE: Shooting investigation in White Center

10:43 PM: King County Sheriff’s Deputies are currently investigating a shooting, according to scanner traffic. A victim was reportedly found at 15th and 98th, but the shooting is said to have happened near the Roxbury Safeway. Right now they’re talking to a possible suspect. We’ll update if we find out anything more.

10:58 PM: KCSO spokesperson Sgt. Cindi West says 15th and 98th is where the victim was shot; the Roxbury Safeway involvement was because of a possible suspect in that area, but “that turned out not to be the case,” and they are continuing to look for the suspect. Sgt. West says the victim is a man whose injury is “serious but not life-threatening.”

11:07 PM: Sgt. West says the victim is being taken to Harborview. He had called 911 to say he was shot, and was in a car when they found him, so they’re not certain about the circumstances so far.

FRIDAY, 10:50 AM: We checked in again with Sgt. West this morning. She says the victim, contrary to rumor, DID survive. As to how and why this happened, investigators still don’t know. Please contact KCSO if you have information.

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