Superstar librarian Nancy Pearl draws a crowd as Full Tilt Ice Cream ‘guest scooper’

From books to scoops! Seattle’s legendary librarian Nancy Pearl is scooping a special flavor at Full Tilt Ice Cream until at least 3:30 pm, as the first chapter in Full Tilt’s series of special one-week-only scoop-shop flavors honoring local icons, to “pay homage to the people, places and events that have made Seattle the amazing place that it is.” Hers is peanut butter with a fudge swirl, and she’s opening the series in part because it’s National Library Week! We were there around 2:30 and the shop was wall-to-wall with fans.

Part of the proceeds, FT says, are going to the White Center Library Guild, which will soon be supporting this brand-new branch:

FT says future icons will include “Mudhoney, the Space Needle, Richard Hugo, Sub Pop, Frances Farmer, Easy Street Records, and August Wilson.” Stay tuned for dates, and flavors!

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