Seattle annexation of White Center? City Council bringing it up again

Just spotted on the Seattle City Council’s Introduction/Referral Calendar – a proposal to ask White Center and the rest of unincorporated North Highline to vote on annexation. Documents accompanying the resolution say that it’s not likely the vote could be held before 2016, because of the Boundary Review Board process that would have to lead up to it. No date set yet for this to come before the council. Since posting the first short item on our partner site West Seattle Blog, we’ve learned that the discussion started in the council’s Education/Governance Committee two days ago, as detailed in this memo by a council staffer. It is time-sensitive – unless Seattle takes a step like this before the end of the year, the state tax credit that’s been in place several years as an annexation incentive will expire. More to come …

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5 Responses to “Seattle annexation of White Center? City Council bringing it up again”

  1. I thought that Seattle was going to annex “The Sliver”
    and “The Triangle” this year. What happened to that idea?

  2. It’s still before the Boundary Review Board. Expected to come up for discussion there in early 2015. The slow-moving process is why they expect this won’t even get to a vote before 2016. Seattle Council will talk about it next Monday (12/15), 2 pm .. we’ll be writing something separately about that shortly.

  3. I understand the Seattle City Council wants to start the annexation process this year to be able to take advantage of the State incentive that expires on January 1st.

  4. That’s what we mentioned above, and what most of the memo we linked deals with. The tax credit as it exists now wouldn’t cover anywhere near the expected costs of the potential annexation, Seattle says, but it’s a start.

  5. I’m new to WC (just bought a house last year) and I actually didn’t realize I wasn’t in the city of Seattle when I purchased, but wondering why people don’t want to be part of the City. White Center has potential and could be cleaned up and made a ‘hot spot’ so to speak. Couldn’t city dollars help with that? The county doesn’t seem to help. Just wondering what peoples thoughts are. Thanks,