White Center Crime Watch: Break-in at Dubsea Coffee

Did you notice the boarded-up window at Dubsea Coffee today? Somebody smashed a window to break into the Greenbridge coffee shop, staff confirmed. We heard about it via Twitter:

Marcia, who tweeted the photo, said the broken window was right over the kids’ area. Some items were stolen, according to staff. (added) WCN reader Carrie says the burglar(s) even turned on the grill and cooked/ate some food, besides breaking into the office. She adds, “Dubsea is a small, local business that promotes a strong sense of community and it’s sad that some jerks would do this to them.”

P.S. If you have concerns/questions about North Highline crime, be at the NH Unincorporated Area Council meeting Thursday night, 7 pm at NH Fire District HQ, with guests from the King County Sheriff’s Office including new White Center Storefront Deputy Julian Chivington.

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3 Responses to “White Center Crime Watch: Break-in at Dubsea Coffee”

  1. So sorry Dubsea. It seems to be an active week for people who take from others. You are appreciated here in our community.

  2. Dubsea Coffee Customer Says:

    I started a GoFundMe campaign to help with their repairs for the multiple windows, doors and interior. Anything would help. These are wonderful people.


  3. That link doesn’t work … and I can’t find anything by searching GFM for “Dubsea”…