Buffy the Chihuahua, lost for more than 2 weeks: Seen her?

Just listed on our Lost/Found Pets page on West Seattle Blog, which includes White Center listings too, but in case you just read WCN, we’re sharing the announcement here:

Jonathan wrote, “We lost our long-coat Chihuahua called Buffy on March 12th, 2014. She is 3 years old and Brown and Tan in color and about 7 lbs.She ran away from the dog sitter on 6th Ave SW and SW 104th St. in White Center. Our telephone number is 425-381-9526 and people can call 24 hours a day.” In a followup exchange, he told us there was a sighting in the Lakewood Park area on March 19th, but nothing since then.

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2 Responses to “Buffy the Chihuahua, lost for more than 2 weeks: Seen her?”

  1. We saw this dog, at least one that looks just like her, in front of our house on Thursday March 27th at around 4pm. We live on 11th Ave SW and SW 112th St. I’m pretty sure it’s the same dog. Hope you find her. Best of luck.

  2. Thanks Stephen, we’ll come and look for her this evening. If you see her again please could you try to feed her and take her in. She is very shy but must also be extremely hungry too.