About that helicopter search…

Thanks to Gill for the initial tip that the Guardian One helicopter was out looking for someone/something – moments after we started trying to find out what was going on, we heard on a Seattle city police radio frequency that it was moving over to the West Seattle side of the line, to help look for a possible prowler, reported by someone who also said she heard shots.

According to subsequent discussion, the shots actually had happened on the county side of the line, related to an incident involving a car. There is no word of anyone actually having BEEN shot. Meantime, Guardian One didn’t find any evidence of a prowler, so it moved on.

And now, as we write this, a texter tells us shell casings were found at 28th/104th by sheriff’s deputies who responded quickly after the shots were heard. They, the texter says, were in the area continuing to try to get the word out about the Roxbury rapist from earlier this month. Still no indication of any shooting victim, or damage.

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