Video: Litter, weeds, crime briefing, more @ North Highline Unincorporated Area Council

In case you couldn’t make it, we recorded video of the North Highline Unincorporated Area Council meeting last Thursday. Here’s what you’ll see:

*Discussion of litter problems by Marcia Wollam and Dick Thurnau

*(14 minutes in) King County Sheriff’s Deputy BJ Myers‘ briefing. Highlights:

*He says that auto theft has continued to be “high”; he said it’s vital to report the theft as soon as possible but that won’t help if you don’t know your license-plate number – that information not only helps them watch for the plate, but also tells them something very specific about the car, from the state-licensing system. If you don’t think you can remember it, take a cameraphone picture and save it so you can refer to it if you have to.

*He also mentioned a warrant and arrest related to mail theft that led to the recovery of “bags and bags and bags of stolen property.” He said it sent the message “mail theft is something we will kick in a door for.”

*He also mentioned multiple incidents while people were filling up their cars at Roxbury Safeway and called it “alarming” – anywhere you’re filling up, keep an eye on your car, because brazen criminals might come right up to it.

*Sustainable Seattle‘s Hannah Kett spoke about the “Greening the Grounds” project at Holy Family Parish and School, with raingardens and a food garden in the works. They’re seeking “Greening Committee” members,

*Weed Warriors – Grace Stiller from this nonprofit spoke about the noxious weeds that everyone should watch out for – for example, pretty as scotch-broom flowers are, their seeds are viable for 45 years!

*Board discussion of Seattle’s annexation intent for two areas of South Park, and the city’s stated intent to “discuss” the possibility of a North Highline annexation vote in the future

Coming up at future meetings: King County Assessor Lloyd Hara in March, when NHUAC also will (UPDATED – see comments) hear the latest on marijuana laws.

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5 Responses to “Video: Litter, weeds, crime briefing, more @ North Highline Unincorporated Area Council”

  1. At the March 6 NHUAC meeting, along with Lloyd Hara, we will have a presentation on the latest updates to the recreational and medicinal marijuana regulations. The April 3 forum we will have a presentation regarding the King County Equity and Social Justice Initiative. More info to follow –

  2. Thanks, will update. Those were the notes I received from our team member there, but maybe I read the lines out of order.

  3. It might seem petty, but I’m glad litter is being addressed. In the last week I’ve nearly stepped on a used diaper, a used condom, and a dead possum. Okay, the possum wasn’t technically litter, but it still made for a disheartening walk.

  4. Dylan, it’s not petty. I have found that consistently picking up litter next to my property has reduced the amount that gets dropped there. It doesn’t eliminate it entirely, but I encounter far less than when I first started.

  5. Puget Soundkeepers reports that over 6 tons of litter is dumped into Puget Sound from unincorporated King County, from trash going down storm drains. Litter is not petty at all, and though some people think of it as “background noise” (if they think of it at all),it is a huge issue, and growing daily. Friends of Hicklin Lake are working with other groups to inform the public as the first step to control litter: awareness. And once aware, to realize it’s a problem. Property values are less and crime is more, where litter takes hold. Thanks to all who are actively picking up litter near their homes or around their block. Blair is correct: the more it is left in place, the more will accumulate. Keep it picked up, and it’s less likely to recur.