Video: King County Executive Dow Constantine gives ‘State of the County’ speech at White Center Heights Elementary

1:05 PM: Just added the top photo (that’s Councilmember Larry Phillips at left), courtesy of the KCE staff – and here’s the full-speech text.

ORIGINAL REPORT, 11:34 AM: Here’s the State of the County speech as it unfolded via Twitter over the past hour and a half. If you don’t see the tweets and photos initially, you might have to refresh your screen once or twice:

This afternoon, the King County Council is back in its HQ at the County Courthouse downtown, for the regular 1:30 pm meeting, which includes votes on whether to send the Transportation Benefit District measure – license-tab fee/sales-tax increase for buses and roads – to the ballot, as well as the Metro cuts that might kick in starting in June if funding isn’t found via a ballot measure or the Legislature.

ADDED 3:06 PM: Video of the SOTC speech, provided by King County TV:

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5 Responses to “Video: King County Executive Dow Constantine gives ‘State of the County’ speech at White Center Heights Elementary”

  1. …Utmost respect for Dow Constatine, but the rhetoric of inequity is getting old hat. I find it offensive the race card is again being played “African Americans higher unemployment the (hardworking) whites (European American”, I am sure there are other factors beside race,why not make the comparison with hard working Asian Americans and hardworking Hispanics. In today’s “disadvantaged” “Low income” there are many social services and affirmative action plans to help select “minorities”, over 30 plus years, and we are still at the same level? Enough already, help the lower/middle class who are struggling.

  2. Viewing the large number of King County employees attending our KC Executive great State of the County speech in White Center we wonder how much in taxpayers funding and productivity is lost. with the Counties lack of funding couldn’t this lost funding be used more wiselt?
    Dick Thurnau

  3. It is time for King County to nurture social justice via changes in public policy? Inclusionary zoning comes to mind as a useful tool. Isn’t it time to end discrimination and segregation right here in King County?

  4. exclusionary zoning does not help those homeowners in our neighborhood, what can be done to help spruce up “Revitalie” homes; help seniors; help with pets. Why do we have to label “color”, there are many low income/strugging white residents, but WCCDA promotes their own agenda,authoritarian socialism funded by Seattle Foundation, to keep us “oppressed” and the known at Low Income neighborhood.

  5. ..I just don’t trust WCCDA authoritarian socialist agenda, particuarly when in 2011 revenue was over $800,000 yet losses reported over $1.5 million dollar