Followup: Seattle City Council passes resolution to seek South Park annexation vote, continue North Highline ‘potential future annexation … discussions’

Following up on our report last week – the Seattle City Council approved the resolution a committee had OK’d last week, seeking to annex two unincorporated areas in South Park, known as the “Sliver by the River” and the “Duwamish Triangle.” They’ll take it to the Boundary Review Board, seeking the go-ahead to put the proposal on a ballot for voter consideration in those areas. The resolution – which you can see here – also says “the City Council and Mayor intend to continue discussions with King County regarding the City’s potential future annexation by election of the North Highline Potential Annexation Area, known as Area Y…” That’s the only mention of Area Y in this resolution, which does not trigger any action regarding North Highline, as clarified in Seattle Council discussion last week. We’ll add video of today’s meeting when it’s available on the Seattle Channel website.

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