White Center Crime Watch: Reader reports possible case of casing

Tuesday morning, a WCN reader who just wants to be identified as a “concerned citizen, White Center/Top Hat area” spotted a suspected case of casing:

I believe I caught someone casing my home (Tuesday) morning. I backed out of my driveway around 7 am and saw a clean but older white Chevrolet 2 door pickup truck creeping slow with his lights off behind me a few houses. Ours is not a through street so the truck should have been coming up behind me. Turned the corner but the guy never showed so I went around the block and saw him walking down my front door steps back to his truck. I pulled up next to his driver side window and rolled down my passenger window, he avoided eye contact until I honked my horn. I asked what he was doing and he said his “job,” so I asked what his job was and he said he worked for “the city.” I asked why he wasn’t driving a city truck and he said it was one. I backed up and took a pic of his license plate B89—H. Then he started driving, so I followed him out of the neighborhood and he didn’t stop at a single other house. I confirmed with the non-emergency report operator that this is not a city vehicle and she put me in touch with the sheriff.

Just a reminder, if you leave your house in the morning and someone suspicious also sees you leaving it doesn’t hurt to go around the block and double check that they have continued on down the road.

Police say time and time again, alert citizens are their best weapon against crime.

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