Local students’ pet-food drive ‘an overwhelming success’

The recent pet-food donation drive by White Center-headquartered West Seattle Montessori/West Seattle Academy brought in 2,471 pounds of food! Heather Aquino shares photos and a report:

The West Seattle Academy’s 7th graders collected more than a ton of dog, cat, and even bird food for their school-wide pet food drive. The drive lasted three weeks and was a spirited contest between all of the classes in West Seattle Montessori and West Seattle Academy. The Yellow Room donated the most food, with a whopping 724 lbs donated to the cause. They were treated to an ice-cream party hosted by the 7th graders on Thursday, May 9th.

The report continues:

On Friday, May 3rd the 7th graders loaded up the school van with all of the large bags of dog and cat food and headed to the Humane Society of Seattle to drop it all off, take a tour of their facilities, and learn about how their donations help local families, senior pet owners on limited incomes, and people with terminal illnesses lacking the essential resources needed to tend for their furry companions.

With the bulk of the collected food being donated to the Humane Society, there is still a substantial amount that will be dispersed to smaller, local animal shelters in our community. The drive was an overwhelmingly huge success. Thank you to the Yellow Room and all of the students of West Seattle Montessori and Academy for an amazing experience that benefited not only the Humane Society, but that also inspired the giving spirit of our 7th graders.

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One Response to “Local students’ pet-food drive ‘an overwhelming success’”

  1. thank you Students for the generosity and kindness shown to help support organizations who take in and care for animals.