Suspected serial robber nabbed after 6 holdups – 4 in the White Center area

Just got word that a West Seattle armed robbery we covered two nights ago is indeed believed to be the work of the White Center serial robber first reported here – and that a suspect is now in custody in connection with the robbery spree, including both holdups at the 35th/Roxbury shop, and four in the unincorporated area. That’s the word from King County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Sgt. Cindi West, who says the 49-year-old man was arrested last night in a trailer in the 11000 block of 18th SW. Here’s the list of robberies in which he’s suspected:

January 11th, the White Center Mini Mart in the 1500 blk of SW Roxbury,

January 13th, the Zip Market in the 10600 blk of 16 Ave SW,

January 30th, the 76 Gas Station in the 2800 blk of SW Roxbury,

February 1st, the Rainbow Mini Mart in the 11400 blk of 16 Ave SW,

the Discount Smoke Shop in Seattle Wednesday night and on January 21st

Sgt. West says search warrants were served this morning at the suspect’s house and “on a relative’s house in the 9700 blk of 32 Ave SW February 1st, and his vehicle.”

We first learned, and reported, January 31st that a serial robber was at work in the area, after KCSO said a holdup the night before at the 76 station/mini-mart on the county side of 30th/Roxbury was at least the third one by what they believed to be the same suspect:

The surveillance photos at the top of this story were released by KCSO last week.

P.S. Sgt. West says the suspect was caught through work done by detectives from south-end Precinct 4 who were determined to crack the case and staked out some area convenience stores, looking for a specific vehicle believed to be linked to the robberies. Once they had a plate, they had a name, and their work on Wednesday night right after the 35th/Roxbury holdup made the connection and led to the arrest.

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5 Responses to “Suspected serial robber nabbed after 6 holdups – 4 in the White Center area”

  1. YES! Good job KSCO!

  2. Nice

  3. outstanding work, thank you to the Sheriff’s Department

  4. now all the county prosecuter has to do is DO HIS JOB …………….

  5. ..thank you for nabbing this creep, the trailer is too close within my residence…did he live there? who allowed him to be there?