Update: House fire on Roxbury ruled arson; road partly blocked for hours

ORIGINAL 5:23 AM REPORT: Multiple reports of a fire response affecting traffic in the 24th-26th vicinity on Roxbury. More shortly.

6:01 AM UPDATE: Just back from the fire scene. Vacant home – apparently for sale, because there’s a lockbox on it – caught fire. North Highline fire investigators don’t know why yet. Nobody hurt. Eastbound Roxbury will be blocked a while, and westbound is affected too, as are Metro buses in the area.

8:10 AM: Westbound traffic is fine and buses have returned to their regular routes, but as of our last check, last hour (we’re going back shortly), eastbound traffic was still impeded.

8:58 AM: Traffic’s fully open both ways again on Roxbury. As for the fire, we’re checking with authorities – a sign saying ARSON is now up at the scene.

11:43 AM: Sgt. Cindi West with the King County Sheriff’s Office confirms their investigators have indeed ruled it arson: “It does appear to be an intentionally set fire that started in the basement.As you probably saw from the sign on the house there is a reward for information leading to an arrest.”

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4 Responses to “Update: House fire on Roxbury ruled arson; road partly blocked for hours”

  1. Tracy & Patrick, thanks SO much for all the timely updates ! You guys Rock !!!!
    Appreciate all the current news you provide us.

  2. Was woken up just before 6 AM by a helicopter. Checked out where it was flying around and then thought I’d better check out WSB/WCN and there was the answer. Surprised the news helicopter stayed so long. Thanks Tracy & Patrick as always for keeping our communities informed and up to date.

  3. They were covering it from the traffic standpoint. We and KING watch each other for WS-area traffic in the morning and it was clear this would be a semi-big deal … their chopper didn’t have anywhere else to go, apparently. And our thanks again to the folks who let us know about this – we still don’t have reliable scanner access for North Highline, so reader tips are absolutely vital … our 24/7 number 206-293-6302 is always there for text or voice on breaking news. Thanks.

  4. Ditto-