Another annexation rejected: Tukwila’s Duwamish Triangle bid

The most recent round of bids to take unincorporated areas off King County’s hands have now gone 0-3: In last November’s election, White Center and vicinity said no to Burien and the West Hill area said no to Renton; tonight, King County’s Boundary Review Board said no to Tukwila’s proposed annexation of the Duwamish Triangle – aka North Highline Area Q – on the south side of South Park. More details on our partner site The South Park News.

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4 Responses to “Another annexation rejected: Tukwila’s Duwamish Triangle bid”

  1. How long until Ufkes and Malo start with “the people have rejected Burien and Tukwila, they want to be part of Seattle” mantra?

  2. Well, in this case, “the people” didn’t reject Tukwila, the Boundary Review Board did. The district in question is almost entirely business land – a group representing 60 percent of its property holdings (or more) petitioned Tukwila. So those “people” WANTED to be part of Tukwila, but the government’s telling them no.

  3. It’ll be interesting to read the BRB’s findings on this one. Interesting that over 60% of the property ownders wanted this, and the BRB rejected moving it foward.

  4. We have the videotape of the final hearing – including their discussion – on our site – regardless of whether the property owners wanted it, the board felt it would violate state policy by creating an ‘island of service.’ But we’ll watch for written reports…