Update: County Council reaffirms dance-club moratorium

When the dance-club emergency moratorium came up at the County Council meeting on Monday afternoon, nobody spoke against it. There was a show of support, though, including a representative of Burien city government, noting that they have a special interest in the area since they’re pursuing annexation, and North Highline Unincorporated Area Council president Barbara Dobkin, who declared, “We should never again allow our community to be held hostage by clubs (like the former Evo, that) create the kind of havoc, weekend after weekend, going back 8 years … We fought a long, hard battle to have the establishment that was the impetus for this moratorium closed.” Liz Giba told the council that at least until the area is officially under Burien’s wing, “We need your help.” She also scoffed at the claims that the late Deputy Steve Cox would have been happy about the arrests and seizures detailed Friday at the park that bears his name; “People said Steve Cox would have been pleased. I tell you, he would not have been. Five years (have passed since) his death … and he (would have said), ‘Where’s my government?'” Councilmember Joe McDermott, who proposed the moratorium, read several letters into the record, from community activists including White Center Community Safety Coalition chair Sean Healy and North Highline residents Gill Loring and Rachael Levine, supporting the moratorium, which was affirmed by the council’s subsequent vote. Arguments were made to make it permanent – though that would require different action.

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