Update: Major law-enforcement operation in White Center – local and federal

(Photos by Deanie Schwarz for WCN)
1:55 PM: WCN contributor Deanie Schwarz reports that a major law-enforcement operation is under way in downtown White Center – we’re working to get more information. Multiple agencies, and a K-9 too. Officers on scene told Deanie they won’t have much to say before a news conference, likely tomorrow. We’re seeking any additional information we can get and will add it as we find it.

ADDED: A news conference has indeed been called for tomorrow. From the announcement, received from federal authorities:

U.S. Attorney Jenny A. Durkan and King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg will be joined by members of federal, state and local law enforcement at 11:00 AM tomorrow (10/21) to discuss a major anti-crime initiative focused on the White Center neighborhood in South King County. The press conference follows three months of undercover work in the area, resulting in dozens of arrests.

Those participating in the news conference are listed as:

U.S. Attorney Jenny A. Durkan
King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg
Kelvin Crenshaw, Special Agent in Charge, ATF Seattle
Representatives of the King County Sheriff’s Office,
Seattle Police Department, ICE Homeland Security Investigations and
Washington State Department of Corrections

The announcement describes the operation as an “anti-crime initiative led by ATF’s Violent Gang Task Force.” Authorities will talk to the media at the Log Cabin Fieldhouse at Steve Cox Memorial Park at 11 am tomorrow.

WCN was told at the scene of today’s operation that “multiple search warrants” were involved. Papa’s Pub and DK Café were two of the locations at which we saw officers/investigators.

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10 Responses to “Update: Major law-enforcement operation in White Center – local and federal”

  1. smokeycretin9 Says:

    AWESOME WORK FOLKS!!!!! Maybe some day soon, my family and I can walk to pizza and ice cream without being scared or hassled by hustlers and zombie drugged out losers.

    I dont know how to thank all the agencies involved, but thank you.

  2. I tell you one thing, if officer Hancock had stayed on duty in whitecenter it would never have gotten this far out of hand. Now we need him back more then ever to keep in place what has been started today.

  3. smokeycretin9 Says:

    We have a new deputy and the store front is open again. Deputy B.J. Meyers is on duty,and ready to have an eye on W.C.

  4. We have a reporter at the briefing right now and are about to post a new story with some basics.

  5. Did they shut down and arrest the Ol’ Hang Around now a Pot place??? Did they get those guys?? (98th and 16th ave SW)

  6. Welcome Deputy Meyers!
    (Anyone have a clue which businesses were the target of this?)

  7. Why don’t you guys wake up?

    White Center is supposed to be “Rat City”.

    Do you want beauty pageants and dance recitals in a place which earned its very rightful reputation on the nightly horrors which have graced 16th and 15th for many decades?

    While my family has been victimized by crime almost never, I can list one family member who was conked on the head and robbed of $800 by some scumbag on 16th avenue SW late at night. (he’d just won it in a card game – so he had to carry it)

    Turned out, later, that the scumbag was the father of one of the girls from my school! Rat City is supposed to be a low-class, high-crime hell hole. Those who disagree never should have moved to that dump in the first place.

    I mean, c’mon, Marv’s Broiler, The Epicure, and the Center Recreation Tavern never could have become what they are/were had they attracted upstanding and decent human beings.

    And c’mon, White Center Pizza… I understand the food is pretty good there, but nobody in his right mind should dare to venture into a place with such surroundings.

    Whatever happened to Gene Tilson, from the Seattle Transmission shop anyway? (maybe one too many lunches at local eateries)

  8. @Sven…. Yes…i Agree…We have tried to do our part when i took over (The epicure) then the Wall then we mde it “The Hang Around Bar & Grill”. I was working to everyones benifit as you might know, but as you said, certin people wants it to stay or become the “Scum of Seattle” as i didnt see it that way at all. But unfortunatly, we were chased out and it’s gotten worse. at least we tried at that time….we tried.

  9. Joe, when you tried to do your part was that when you lied about being a cop, or when you neglected to get a liquor license?