Update: Car flipped in Shorewood at 28th/106th

11:08 AM: Sarah took this photo before King County Sheriff’s Deputies had even arrived, so we have no other details, but we’re en route to check. 28th/106th, taken just before 11 am Thursday. More to come.

UPDATE: Nobody hurt; the crash was only blocking part of the intersection, and since a tow truck had already arrived by the time we got there around 11:20, it was expected to be cleared quickly.

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2 Responses to “Update: Car flipped in Shorewood at 28th/106th”

  1. I live on 106 th and I heard it I hope everyone is ok!!

  2. that was me! everything is all clear now. no injuries, thank God! i can send over another few pictures I have quite the slide show on my phone :)