White Center crime trends: The latest from King County Sheriff’s Office

The King County Sheriff’s Office looked up WC crime trends in response to questions raised by the overnight murder. This is the only homicide so far this year – and the May 2010 shooting nearby, mentioned here earlier, was the only one last year. But overall calls for assistance are way up – read on for the information from KCSO:

White Center Homicide Follow-Up:
Statistics for the Area

The homicide in White Center this morning has raised questions about crime trends in the area.

Comparing January-July 2010 with January-July 2011, overall dispatched calls for service are up by nearly 24%. The most frequent calls include public drunkenness, area checks, trespass, disturbances (including noise and fights), family disturbances and suspicious circumstances. The category that increased noticeably- is drunkenness – up to 142 in 2011 from 85 in 2010.

Violent crimes, including robberies and aggravated assaults are up slightly this year compared to last year. There was one homicide last year, in May 2010, and now one this year. Ironically, it was at the same intersection. There is no connection between the two homicides and the intersection or area itself.

The Sheriff’s Office continues to work with the citizens and business owners of White Center to improve public safety.

One place to start – the White Center-South Delridge Community Safety Coalition meeting a week from Thursday, on August 25th, 6 pm, 9421 18th SW (the former St. James Church).

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6 Responses to “White Center crime trends: The latest from King County Sheriff’s Office”

  1. You can now find us on Facebook.

  2. Sean, can you post the FB link here?

  3. Maybe calls for assistance are up because business owners and community members are calling more often…The only way we are going to get any attention is if we are the “squeaky wheel”.
    You can also stop by many of the local businesses and sign the petition to have a King County Deputy assigned to the WC storefront station.

  4. I for one am making some of those calls; I’ve been calling in fights, drug use, public urination, etc. when I’ve witnessed it. I agree with the squeaky wheel- that’s the only way to highlight the issues.

  5. Crime is way up. What’s the reason for this? Hmm. What are we to blame now. Oh yeah maybe it’s the same this its always been.