Update: Woman shot to death at 15th/Roxbury in White Center

(UPDATED 11:42 AM with official news release from KCSO; scroll down to read it)

ORIGINAL 2:14 AM REPORT: Two TV stations have tweeted that there’s been a deadly shooting near the Bartell Drugs store in White Center. Here’s a photo from our friends at KING 5, which shows numerous King County Sheriff’s Office units on the scene. We are on our way to find out more.

2:32 AM UPDATE: Added a photo from our crew on the scene. 15th is blocked off, right in front of the drug store – the victim’s body is in the middle of the street. Media crews, including ours, have been told that someone from King County Sheriff’s Office will be out to provide official information.

2:50 AM: Patrick Sand, at the scene for White Center Now/West Seattle Blog, says Roxbury traffic is not affected, but deputies are putting up even more “crime scene tape” around the Bartell store. 15th is blocked from Roxbury to the DSHS building.

3:05 AM: We and the other media crews at the scene have just been briefed. Information thus far: The victim is a 22-year-old woman, not identified publicly yet. The first call received by KCSO was about a fight; deputies responded, checked it out, talked with the people involved, who said everything was OK. But deputies stayed close by, then while walking about a block away, heard shots just after midnight – and found the body. They say they have not found a weapon so far and have not arrested anyone; they know some of the people involved in the original scuffling, so they’re scouring the streets for them. They also said the victim was “known to (KCSO)” but would not elaborate on how or why, except to say she and her friends often hung out in that area. We have the briefing on video and will add it here when our crew gets back. This, by the way, is not far from the scene of the deadly shooting in May 2010.

4:01 AM: We’re adding a few more photos from the scene; also, here’s the briefing by Deputy Travis DeFries. Our apology for the video quality – this is therefore more valuable for hearing what he has to say, than seeing it!

We’ll continue following this up and will add new information as it emerges through the morning.

11:41 AM: Here’s the official news release from Deputy DeFries. Note that the victim’s age has changed to 23; otherwise, the details are mostly the same. Deputy DeFries also notes he is gathering WC homicide/violence stats for release later.

A 23-year-old female is dead and detectives are working leads in a shooting incident that occurred overnight in the White Center area of King County.

This morning, at about 12:20 AM, deputies were called to the area of SW Roxbury St. and 15th Ave. SW by a passing witness for a fight disturbance. When deputies arrived they met with a small group of females, including the now deceased victim of the shooting. Deputies were told that the disturbance was minor and that the other group, which consisted of 3 black males, had left the area. The group of women declined to speak further about the incident.

Deputies stayed in the general area and began to walk on foot to increase their visibility and to try to prevent further violence from erupting. Just before 1:00 AM these deputies heard several gun shots coming from the area of the original disturbance. When the returned they found the victim laying in the middle of 15th Ave. SW with at least one gunshot wound. Witnesses said that at least 2 of the original 3 black males had returned and one then fired on the victim. The suspects then fled the scene on foot.

At this point, no suspects are in custody and no weapon has been recovered. Detectives from the Major Crimes Unit are investigating. We have not been able to rule out if this was gang-related or not. Detectives from the Sheriff’s Office Gang Unit will be assisting, as needed.

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19 Responses to “Update: Woman shot to death at 15th/Roxbury in White Center”

  1. WCN.

    Thanks for the conscientious coverage of this murder.
    Do cops still walk beats in W.C.?

  2. wow seriously what is happening to this place i have always said i feel perfectly safe walking my dogs at night cuz the sherifs are always just a hop skip and a jump away. If they were walking in the area they had to have been maybe a block away. We need to do something and stop letting these little hooligans ruin a nice place to live.

  3. i heard the shots followed by almost imediate sirens i was getting ready to step out and walk my dog my husband actually told me to come back in if he has a accident then he has a accident. What can we do to get rid of the white center garbage and drama and bull s@#t really? Because obviously the sherifs dont even affect them a little anymore.

  4. Ricardo Guarnero Says:

    On March 11, 2009, I wrote about why this is the worst block in White Center (WhiteCenterNow.com) http://whitecenternow.com/​2009/03/11/the-worst-block​s-in-white-center/ and the factors that contributed to it. It remains, as bad, if not worse than when I penned that piece.

  5. This just makes me sick. I grew up in the area and live in West Seattle now. Would love to help this amazing neighborhood get rid of the criminal element.

  6. RIP SWEETHEART i will always remember for your smiling and singing….. my heart goes out 2 her fam and friends….

  7. RIP SWEETHEART i will always remember you for your smiling and singing….. my heart goes out 2 her fam and friends….

  8. i am so sorry to the family for there loss and her friends. You are all in my prayers.

  9. You know, for a while it looked like White Center was cleaning up it’s act and I started patronizing shops there. But the last time I went to pick up my order at Uncle Mike’s Bar-B-Que, the streets were teaming with so many drunks and scum that I decided I was not going to return. And now this.

  10. First step to clean up this area is to close the two bars on 16th that are acting as open air drug markets. Since Papas and DK’s opened this area has gone down hill.

  11. I cried at the sight of the mourners today by the spot where she was killed. I saw the flowers and balloons and several people gathered around and I felt intense sorrow. Love to all the friends and family of this woman whose life was stolen way too soon. Many blessings to all who are hurting.

  12. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of a young woman whose life was taken way too soon.I saw the memorial and it saddens me to think what has happened. I live about 3 blocks from this tragic incident I have to agree with the comments made that White Center needs to be cleaned up you are harrassed by the drunks and the scum that hang out between Roxbury and the Chevon gas station on 15th,16th and 17th aves.Drug deals going on in public like it’s no big deal drunks hanging out at bus stops harrassing people that are just going about their lives these are just a few things that you see when you go into White Center these days.

  13. I typically catch the bus into that area. I won’t be doing that anymore.

  14. So sad! I love near here I love my white center i walk to get ice cream with my kids or pizza or just to the red box! It is on its way up but there is always evil draggin it down! What will it take! we need to make a change! My heart goes out to her and her family! this did not need to happen, it shouldn’t happen. I pray they catch the cowards who did this!

  15. Sweetheart is a dear friend of mines. Practically family. Sweetheart wasn’t perfect.. she had her flaws but I do not believe she deserved this. And it breaks my heart that I won’t be seeing her around anymore. But of this tragedy I do hope that people come together and do something about this chaos running amuck. White Center is notorious for crazy stuff happening, maybe not all the time but point is.. it happens. I would know, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing its “hospitality” from time to time. People are so careless around there. We are all but a product of our own environment so how can we expect to have a safe place to be when that particular area gets so neglected. All I’m saying.. I would really like for this to stop already. Sweetheart was too close to home. TOO CLOSE! But R.I.P. Sis Sweetheart. I’m definitely gonna miss seeing you! I Love You Sis!

  16. This has been a horrible tragedie. I met Sweetheart in Middle school about half of my life ago (11-12yrsago). Always was very loving, was a tough girl yet growing up in WestSeattle with violence drugs and ahlchol, you needed to know how to defend your self,she never had a problem with that yet was never the bully type a true Sweetheart. Always was the one to put everyone before her, family/friends. She knew fake from real with in a heartbeat. Anthony(the shooter)used to be a handsom young man when I met him back 7yrs ago then began to fall heavily in drugs and hanging with the wrong(gangbangin)we all know that becoming a part of a group of a bunch of lost angry ppl will never bring you anygood. Anthonys mother (with Anthony being only son and sister) tried to help him with his major drug addiction with pcp this went on for many years. got no wher continued and the same lost friends didnt end. See this was all a horrible thing that came from the devils ways. Alchohol drugs and anger. we never know when we will be at the wrong place at the wrong time. poor Sweetheart was always in bars and lost anthony wrapped around the devils finger. we do need to clean up White Cntr. Ex: “Evo” aka Evolution night club before was named Tropicana, owned by lawers, a all age club, run away teens from the ages of 12and up all on mariguana ecsatasy and alchohol, young girls on poles and the tables having booty shaking contest some girls without no underclothes/or very little up their giving a free show with dirty old men from 30s and late 40’s with hoodlums applauing. just a sick dirty place. fights always breaking out either inside or outside, police on the watch yet didnt do much. those bars mentionded above have got to go! their has to be more community orriented services the salvation army is near by yet those young teen groups cought stomping and jumping other young girls. their has to be some one something helping and giving guidence its one thing having these communities with recreations yet what difference are these recreations what are they providing. we need to treat these young kids as they have no guidence cause the majority dont their own mamas and daddys in and out of jail learning how to survive off the streets wont make this a neigborhood you want your children grwng up in. its trully sad, sad how many ppl are empty how many ppl dnt knw the Lord dnt have peace or hope with in no strenghth to believe that better is out their. i always see drug exchanges in daylight and men leaving the stores with no light or expression yet with alcohol in thier hand. their is no guidence coming from this neigborhood. Victory Outreach does a great job for the most part yet not enough ppl in the world hear church or God and emmediatly want to turn afraid of change of better. Sweetheart was a true love last time i seen her she gave me a huge hug attention and love treated me like fam~ your family and you will always be in heart it hurts so much to think you are gone. you will be in a better place now watching down on us singing and smiling you are a good woman many will always have a strong love for you and you will always be missed yet will always be in our hearts. i just think its sad what Anthony how low he has allowed him self to go he is not even mentally stable been that way for the past few years due to that heavy addiction of pcp anger was raging all threw him. here we have the outcome of drugs Alchohol and Anger. Hopefully this will help alot of ppl have a self check on reality my ppl if you have kids even if not and you are finding your self needing to go to the bar or alchohol or drinks i believe its because their is a void you are trying to fufill- love happiness peace, believe me the bar and drugs will not cure that! seek the Lord~ Immagine if Anthony didnt get played by the enemy getting hooked on pcp hanging around lost empty ppl with no direction, his mother would still have her son, if he would have had the Lord and put him first he would have been making her happy showing he is responsible and have love in his heart coming home saying i love you ma with peace with in. If it wasnt for alchohol playing a large part in our now Angel in Heaven Sweathearts life and had a close relationship with Our Father she would have been at home relaxing not feeling like she needed to be out drinking. if drugs and alchohol would have not been a role of this we would still have two wonderful ppl. God bless you sis! you can rest now. Anthony i have strong prayers for you that you may allow this to be a reality check, you are lost bro, you need serious help! what you did no one has the right to do! i knw your 2friends are scared but hopefully they can see what a huge mistake they have caused with their actions. to bring a gun to a fist fight makes you a coward! hello these are ladies! if it angered you that maybe Sweetheart mangled you Anthony hopefully that will teach men to have more respect for woman. look i was sooo spiritually lost yet if i would have not gotten forgiven my sins and soften my heart had a reality check on my own ego only God knows where i would be no one is perfect! Sweetheart should have never left this way! hope this is a reality check for alot of ppl! God bless and God is Love~

  17. Close the club close the bars close this close that. Really? Your arguements are gone JW. The problem is the this is white center and unfortunately these things happen in white center. You can’t just keep blaming businesses for human error.

  18. @ JW
    Hey John, Why dont you STOP playing cop and mind your business, its because of YOU that businesses are closing and you chase out the Good People and the CrUD stayes there. For your INFO, Papa’s been up for sale for a year now.
    Why dont you just leave White Center alone!

  19. I agree with JW these two bars are a big part of the problem in White Center. If you disagree than you don’t really know the truth! The owner of DK’s allows drugs to be sold there! If you walk in the door on any given night it is full of shady drugdealers or someone looking for their next high!!! It is a crackhouse!!!!! The other problem with White Center is that it is inbetween Burien and Seattle, their is no police station to patrol White Center, it is in King County Sherrif’s jurisdiction and King County doesn’t have the ‘funds’ to operate the community center in the heart of White Center. I used to work and live in White Center and finally got sick and tired of not feeling safe leaving work or walking outside after dark!! It has gotten alot worse in the last 3 years! King County needs to decide that it is time to clean up White Center and make Burien or Seattle poilce departments responsible for it!!! I did not know the victim of this crime but my condolences go out to her family and friends! And in my opinion this should be an awakening for King County!!!