Big Friday in Greenbridge! Events at the plaza and Dubsea Coffee

First, 4-7 pm today/tonight (Friday), a big event on behalf of the White Center Food Bank, at Greenbridge Plaza, per this announcement:

hanks to the Vertically Integrated Partnership to Feed Those in Need (VIP) working as part of Governor Gregoire’s Feeding Washington Program, Friday, August 5 will see upward of 2,000 guests enjoying barbecue, music and good times on Greenbridge Plaza. VIP is a coalition of farmers, food processors, food distributors and other food service companies that are working together to help stop hunger in the Pacific Northwest. The VIP includes Sodexo, Annie’s Fun, Hirai Farms, Sysco, Food Services of America, McCain Foods, National Frozen Foods, Farmer Bean Company, Darigold, Franz Bakery, and UW Housing & Food Services, etc.

And together with the *White Center Food Bank*, all work together to provide this festive meal for those in need in the Greenbridge community (residents have already received special tickets to attend). Music will be provided by local jazz musician Frank Steele and a balloon artist will be on-hand to entertain the children in the crowd. With sunny weather on tap for August 5, this is bound to be a celebratory event for the residents of Greenbridge. In July 2011, White Center Food Bank served a record number of clients – numbers that are more reflective of a difficult holiday season and not the middle of summer. This event and comes at a time of highest need for help in the White Center area.

And from Sibelle Nguyen at Dubsea Coffee:


Moraine is an omnivorous Seattle-based instrumental rock band featuring guitarist Dennis Rea, violinist Alicia DeJoie, woodwind player James DeJoie, bassist Kevin Millard, and drummer Stephen Cavit.

With its full complement of ace instrumentalists arrayed in striking combination, Moraine achieves a unique sound while drawing on forms ranging from art rock to Chinese folk music to plugged-in power jazz.

Arrive early this Friday evening as we stay open late and Moraine gets ready to {art}rock the house.

FREE & ALL-AGES : FRI. AUGUST 5th, 5-7 pm :

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