Followup: Thai Thai’s successor needs a new home after all

By Deanie Schwarz
Reporting for White Center Now

As you might have seen in the comments following our previous story about the former Thai Thai Restaurant‘s future plans – those plans have suddenly changed.

Just a few days after WCN spoke with grieving family members of the late Thai Thai owner Sam about their plans to reopen as Ped Nin Thai, they told us they now have to find a new location.

In what Choothai Chaiboonruang said was as an unanticipated misunderstanding with the property’s owners, lease talks fell apart over terms that the family said were not what they had thought they’d be. So they are instead looking for a new site, after more than a quarter-century at 16th/112th.

Since they don’t have one in mind yet, they would welcome information regarding potential sites at They hope to find a space with more updated equipment and lease terms that serve the long-term vision the family has for the successful business. Chaiboonruang says the family has already removed the appliances and equipment they wish to keep as they prepare to look for a new location in the White Center or Burien area. He will keep us abreast of the family’s journey to bring the new Ped Nin Thai to its new home.

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3 Responses to “Followup: Thai Thai’s successor needs a new home after all”

  1. They could go into the former Halal Market site at 16th and Roxbury next to the White Center Pharmacy? It’s just begging for another great restaurant.

  2. @Karen – GREAT idea! That would make my world complete.

  3. How about the old Wendys/Ezells/Peruvian restaurant location?
    It’s close by and needs a lot of work, but maybe the price is right.