West Seattle news: Sketch released in attack investigation

(Note: While our West Seattle site is down – its server-management company says they’re under denial-of-service attack – we’re posting stories here, since this site is unaffected, using a different server-management company. When the outage is over, we’ll move them to WSB and delete them here unless they’re of White Center relevance too.)

New development tonight in the wake of yesterday’s Lincoln Park attack and arrest. Tonight police have gone public with that sketch they say was made because of an attack in the park last December. They want to hear from anyone and everyone who not only might have had a suspicious encounter in the park, but anyone who might have been subject to “unwanted touching” elsewhere in West Seattle. As we reported earlier today, the man arrested yesterday, 46-year-old Duane Starkenburg, is currently charged only in one incident – and police are working hard to see if there are others he might be responsible for. Here’s their full update.

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