First the banners, now new signs welcoming you to White Center

Thanks to Gill for the photo and the news that the new multilingual “Welcome to White Center” signs are up in at least two spots – this one’s along SW Roxbury by Holy Family Church/School, and another one’s up at 4th SW/SW 108th. This follows the similarly themed banners that have started to go up around the area (here’s our story from two weeks ago).

ADDED FRIDAY MORNING: The Chamber board plans a photo opportunity by one of the new signs this afternoon, and also included this information about the signs:

The White Center Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Seattle Foundation and the White Center Community Development Association (CDA), has installed two new multi-language “Welcome” signs in White Center. Of the five original signs installed in the early 1990s, all are damaged beyond repair. These two signs are coated with an anti-graffiti material and represent the first phase for replacing all White Center Welcome signs. The Chamber board will gather at the sign located at Holy Family School in Seattle (Roxbury and 19th SW) at 1:00 pm today. The second new sign is located at 4th SW and SW 108th in unincorporated King County. The Chamber will continue fund raising to replace the other three signs in 2011.

ADDED: Here’s the photo!

The WC Chamber reps in attendance included, according to president Mark Ufkes, Mac McElroy, Carlos Jimenez, Jimie Martin (Chamber mgr), Nhan Nguyen, Kathi Wheeler (Chamber board member next year and sign designer) Nancy Calos Nakano, Ray Zombro, Dr. Chris Hill.

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4 Responses to “First the banners, now new signs welcoming you to White Center”

  1. So glad to see these!! The last signs did ok for a few years, until they rotted… and were repainted… that was confusing. But these are much nicer! Yay White Center!! I think it shows a lot about White Center that it says welcome in so many languages. Up and comming indeed!! <3

  2. Just so everyone knows too, each sign has different languages except for English is on both. So that makes for 20 languages on the signs so far. Since we have more languages, we are excited to add even more of them as we replace the other signs when money allows. Feels like donating to the chamber to make more, we need at least two more if not three.

  3. And for the record, Kathi (above) and her business Noise without Sound is the one who designed these beautiful signs and arranged their construction and installation, through the White Center Chamber of Commerce. Beautiful work indeed. We need about $3000 to finish the remaining three signs.

    As Chamber President, it is so nice to see all this great talent step up to the plate and make such professional improvements around here. More to come, stay tuned.

  4. absolutely wonderful!!! i will be making a donation so that all five signs can be replaced soon!