White Center slice of life: Rave for a Good Samaritan

Out of the WCN inbox:

A big THANK YOU ! to the kind White Center good neighbor named Keith and his friends.

My car stalled out on 16th Ave. by Blockbuster, about 2 mils from home. I managed to pull over to the side, but it still was stuck in in a traffic lane.

Two men appeared out of nowhere, started pushing, and got my old Toyota safely into the Albertson’s parking lot. Minutes layer Keith and a friend with a car returned with a smile and a can of gas (yeah, I had foolishly run out of gas) and made sure I got my engine started.

I only had $3.00 cash with me, but he insisted on giving me all the gas.

Kindness makes the world go round! I promised to pay it forward.

Dina Johnson

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One Response to “White Center slice of life: Rave for a Good Samaritan”

  1. yeah!! for Keith and Yeah for you, too, for giving Keith his props. Nice goin’ people!