Evergreen Community Aquatic Center’s six-month progress report

Received from Julie Dow on behalf of the former Evergreen Pool:

Six months ago, The Highline School District reached agreement with a community group to operate a closed pool in White Center, which was renamed The Evergreen Community Aquatics Center (ECAC). Since that time, hundreds of subsidized swim lessons have been attended by area youth, and dozens of adult and seniors have attended exercise classes. Now (that the pool is) home to The Highline Pirates, Evergreen/Tyee Swim and WhiteWater Aquatic Swim Teams, scores of area youth are swimming daily, along with community outreach programs. Indeed, it’s a very busy place at Evergreen Community Aquatics Center every weekday. The flags of sixteen nations hang over the pool, to honor the diversity of clientele and the many parts of the world that pool users are from.

“We are impacting the community of White Center with a positive, inclusive activity. While childhood obesity is at a national high, we are making strides every day with children and families that thought they could never swim”, said Joel Schweiger, General Manager of ECAC and Head Coach of WhiteWater Aquatics. “Like other pools, we have our building and financial challenges, yet we can see daily the results swimming provides for White Center,” he added.

In addition to swim lessons and swim teams, The ECAC has partnered with community groups for outreach, including SHAG (The Senior Housing Assistance Group) and New Futures, a youth oriented integration and service organization.

As it looks to the future, ECAC is working to ensure that the entire community is informed of the offerings available at the center, by offering free trials. Those who sign up before October 31 for the November youth swim lesson session, receive a pass for a free “family” swim for a family of four.

Morning and evening shallow water exercise classes for adults have also been added to the schedule. Instructed by Aquarobics, water fitness and therapy experts, the new classes are offered every weekday. “Water aerobics classes are fun and offer a safe, effective and quality cardio workout.” says Carolyn Scott, Aquarobics Owner. There is also a water therapy class designed for those with severe arthritis, fibromyalgia, and pre & post surgery, “Water therapy is a great first step for those looking to get fitness back into their lives.” For programming and registration information call 425-894-0045. In November, Aquarobics is offering a FREE first class to all new swimmers!

Looking to the future, “We will have our challenges at Evergreen going forward with an old building and pools are expensive to operate, yet, it’s been a great start. We are really glad to be serving White Center,” concluded Schweiger.

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