Double sonic booms rock West Seattle (and elsewhere)

Our main site West Seattle Blog is getting slammed after what sounded like wo double sonic booms rocked West Seattle. We will post information here as well until our main site is back. We are also updating Twitter and Facebook until the main site is back. Authorities have no idea yet what this was.

UPDATE: KING 5 says that FAA confirms military sonic booms. Apparently scrambled because of a possible breach of the presidential no-fly zone.

UPDATE: The Southwest Precinct called to say they too have received official confirmation it was military aircraft.

UPDATE: WSB is OK now so we’re continuing with coverage there.

2:32 PM NOTE:
Our partners at the Seattle Times have an article up now.

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5 Responses to “Double sonic booms rock West Seattle (and elsewhere)”

  1. What the heck was that?!?! My unflappable dog just got flapped!

    Where else can we read updates? Can’t get on

  2. I heard what sounded like two large explosions, coming from perhaps the Port or Boeing Field area. I hope it has nothing to do with Obama’s visit or plane. He is NOT in that immediate area right now – I believe he may be on the east side at the moment.

  3. My Mother just called from Bainbridge, shook the whole school. They were worried the school was fall.

  4. I heard it from WC as well. It ruined my nice nap. Thanks for checking into it Tracy.

  5. Military? Holy Moley! From where? How? What IS a sonic boom? Distance from source? Wow!