Village Green Perennial Nursery 1 of 2 White Center participants in tomorrow’s West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day

Earlier this week, we mentioned that White Center Arts Alliance is participating in tomorrow’s West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day, presented by our partner site West Seattle Blog – and we wanted to make sure you also knew that Village Green Perennial Nursery is on the map too. Speaking of maps, you can get yours by going to the official WSCGSD website at – there’s a clickable Google Map which has been updated with last-minute cancellations plus an addition, and there’s a printable PDF version of the map (it doesn’t reflect those changes, so be sure to make note of them; they’re listed on that site too). If you don’t have a printer, closest place to get a pre-printed sale map is Bird on a Wire Espresso in the south West Seattle neighborhood of Westwood.

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