Doubleheader: Rat City Rummage this afternoon, Art Walk this evening

From White Center for the Arts — First: Rat City Rummage will be at Big Al Brewing from 2 PM until 6 PM, with 12 arts/crafts vendors:

Then it’s the White Center Art Walk, 6-9 pm, including these venues and artists:

The Salvadorean Bakery: Photography Students of New Start High!
1719 Southwest Roxbury Street

Café Rozella: Fabulous Artist!!
9434 Delridge Way SW

Full Tilt Ice Cream: Youth in Focus “Fear: Advanced Digital Summer 2009”
Music by Damien Jurado!!
9629 16th Ave S Seattle

Proletariat Pizza: Alexander King – photography
9622 16th Ave SW

Big Al Brewing: Photography Students of New Start High School!
Music by Ryan Burns and Crew!!
9832 14th Ave. SW

Dubsea Coffee: Joerael Elliot –
“Fractured Parables” 9910 8th Ave SW

(Also at Dubsea)

{ Hi Touch Art Show } JOERAEL ELLIOTT / Saturday Dec.19.2009. 7:00-9:00 pm

by Youngstown Cultural Arts Center youth with Amos Miller
DJ MURDOC will be laying down the beats!

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