Update: King County Council adjourns without choosing new rep for White Center and environs

ORIGINAL REPORT: We’re covering this as-it-happens on partner site West Seattle Blog – the King County Council is into the sixth hour of considering the last item on its agenda for the year – to appoint a successor for County Executive Dow Constantine. They deadlocked 4-4 in defeating the first motion to appoint the 34th District Democrats’ choice, State Sen. Joe McDermott; and again deadlocked in defeating the second motion, to appoint Seattle City Councilmember Jan Drago. Most of the time’s been taken up in “recess” – closed-door huddles in the wings of the council chambers. Follow the ongoing coverage here; we’ll update WCN if/when there’s finally a decision. UPDATE: In the end – no decision – councilmembers declared themselves hopelessly deadlocked and will try again in the new year.


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