Rainy season alert from the county

A news release we received from the county this morning – important information regarding keeping construction sites from becoming a problem during the rainy season – if you’re involved with construction, read on:

Monitoring erosion and sediment control measures, or preventing muddy, silty runoff
from leaving construction sites and leaching into streams and other waterways, is a
major responsibility for DDES building and land use inspectors, especially during
the rainy months in unincorporated King County. Each Fall, DDES publishes
information on erosion and sediment control requirements for wet season construction
sites via the DDES Web site at www.kingcounty.gov/permits and enforces these more
stringent requirements during building, land use and grading inspections. Erosion
and sediment control enforcement is a major element of the environmental
responsibilities fulfilled by DDES in the context of the permitting process.

The erosion and sediment control requirements published on the DDES Web site has
been compiled to inform the building industry of current regulations, practices and
restrictions during the wet season, which runs between October 1 and April 30 each
year in unincorporated King County.

DDES Director Stephanie Warden commented, “It is important for the public to be
aware that DDES provides this valuable service during the building and land use
inspection processes. Not only does DDES inspect new construction for physical
integrity. We are also inspecting to ensure that negative downstream consequences
from new construction do not occur. All of this work is done within the context of
existing building and land use codes.”

Stephanie Warden commented further, “While DDES is a regulatory agency with specific
responsibilities to enforce erosion and sediment control measures on construction
sites, we make every effort to partner with the building community to achieve
compliance. DDES provides a great deal of educational literature to builders and
developers each fall, and there is always a conference on site between the inspector
and the builder before construction begins. These measures ensure good
communication and effective partnership between local government and builders and

DDES is committed to an effective erosion and sediment control program to protect
our streams, lakes, wetlands and the aquatic species that inhabit them. Additional
technical assistance for erosion control on project sites is available. DDES
inspection staff are also available to offer suggestions to help builders and
developers stay in compliance with county code and permit conditions.

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