Seattle mayoral candidates answer the annexation question

From the Seattle mayoral debate that’s under way right now at the Cinerama downtown – The first audience question was regarding annexation of the remainder of North Highline. Joe Mallahan says he’s not sure that Seattle is the best option for that area, adding that some in the area have told him they want to wait and see “how Burien does” with the rest of North Highline. Mike McGinn says it’s up to the people in that area to decide. We had asked the campaigns via e-mail to answer this question and had only received McGinn’s response, which to elaborate on that point, was that he does not plan to aggressively pursue it – if citizens in that area ask for Seattle to annex them, he’d see how it goes, but he said he looks forward to working with them however things turn out. (When the video stream of the debate is done, we’ll link back to it here, assuming it’s archived, and we’ll look for the time code so you can see their answers for yourself.) UPDATE: The question was asked by WCCDA’s Virgil Domaoan, according to the WCCDA website, which also notes the time code at which you’ll see the answer is around 26:30 – video link’s here.

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3 Responses to “Seattle mayoral candidates answer the annexation question”

  1. That’s pretty disappointing. Seattle is the best option, since Burien didn’t want us, and the County can’t afford us. Especially disappointing that McGinn seems so clueless as to think it’s about whether we ask to be annexed. It’s about if the city declares us their potential annexation area and decides to hold a vote.

  2. Seattle is the worst option for WC. Burien does want us! It takes time to annex.

  3. I think the potential mayors of Seattle are saying what most of us already knew. Seattle really does not want the North Highline Area. They see White Center as the ghetto and the only good use for it is to dump some more low income housing there. Mike Martin from Burien has said many times that Burien wants WC but that it would be unwise to take the entire North Highline all at once. Once the annexation of the southern part of North Highline is successful, Burien is going to come back and if we are smart we will vote yes to become the City of Burien