Reader report: Fire in the 11000 block of Occidental

Thanks to Wayne Del for sending word of a fire tonight in the 11000 block of Occidental (map), as well as photos of the smoke. He says it was in a “backyard – looks like it could have been a shed where gasoline was stored. Very combustible. Fire trucks on the scene, everyone appears to be safe. Helicopters, fire trucks, local citizens helping with garden hoses. Thank goodness for the community.” 8:45 PM UPDATE: We’re at the fire scene now – Occidental, a narrow residential street, is still blocked off with yellow tape, and fire crews are still here. This is in the Top Hat neighborhood. The incident commander tells us that the fire burned sheds and a carport, but the house itself wasn’t damaged. Nobody was hurt. Investigators are still on the scene, two hours after the fire was first reported, but they don’t know yet how it started. We’ll add our photos in a bit. ADDED: This is as close as we could get:

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2 Responses to “Reader report: Fire in the 11000 block of Occidental”

  1. Catherine :o) Says:

    I’m glad to hear nobody was hurt, and the house was not damaged. Fires are a huge fear of mine and when my family saw the smoke, we said a prayer for whoever was effected. Thanks for the updates on this :o)

  2. It is so much cooler in West Seattle then White Center 103