New Pizza Place Coming to White Center

The heart of White Center will host a new pizza parlor. In keeping with our Commie-working class theme, the pizza place will be named Proletariat Pizza. The location is the old Elisa’s Bakery site, just across the street from Full Tilt Ice Cream. Great News for White Center!

Future Site of Proletarian Pizza

Future Site of Proletariat Pizza


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10 Responses to “New Pizza Place Coming to White Center”

  1. omg omg….excited…what style of pizza? Please ny/east coast style!!!

    When will it open?

  2. They are shooting for July 1st, and I think it is going to be an east coast style pizza.

  3. This is great news- glad to see new small businesses coming to the strip.

  4. Very excited! Need pizza in the ‘hood.

  5. Love the name! This is great news for our ‘hood. I plan on getting my hands greasy there as soon as possible.

  6. That’s great!!!

    And if any of you are hankering for some southern Mexico food, check at La Dona on the next block up (by the Wall). We ate there last Saturday and it was quite good. She’s been open about 3 weeks now. Only takes cash.

  7. proletariat pizza? they have earned our first visit with the name.. i hope the pizza will guarantee a second.

  8. Any clue on a new opening date? I went by this am and they aren’t open yet.

  9. I’ll be checking in with them – they had hoped to be open in time for Jubilee Days but I haven’t talked to them in a few weeks. Look for an update.

  10. Two words: Pol Pot. For real, a commie, working class “themed” anything in White Center? Has anybody checked out the ‘hood? Pizza is a wonderful idea, and a welcome addition, but do we really need to spit in he face of the community of Khmer refugees by romanticizing/trivializing communism? Why not call the joint The Killing Fields, or Rice Paddy of Death, or Got Glasses Must Die. Make a trip half a block down from the picture above, cross the street and look in the alley. You have found the Cambodian Cultural Museum. Go ask anybody there if commie themed is cute.