Help White Center Schools

Help Highline School District decide budget cuts!

The district is asking for community help to prioritize funding. Highline Public Schools and our school board will be holding a series of meetings this week for the expressed purpose of gathering community input and your voices about the cuts we will surely endure next year. I strongly encourage you to come to one of these events to have your priorities heard and thoughts expressed to the school board and the district. This is the best venue to do that. The dates are:

· Thursday, 6 – 8 pm, 4/23 at Pacific Middle School

· Saturday, 9 – 11 am, 4/25 at Hazel Valley Elementary

· Monday, 6 – 8  pm, 4/27 at Evergreen Campus

More information is on the district website at .Furthermore, there is a direct link to an electronic “drop box” you can send messages to as well.

White Center schools struggle to meet student needs under the current budget. Further cuts will have significant effects on our community. Please remember our local schools:

New Start Alternative High School @ Salmon Creek

Evergreen High School

Cascade Middle School

White Center Heights Elementary

Mount View Elementary

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