Burien council: Brief annexation mention during “non-meeting”

ORIGINAL 7:07 PM REPORT: Annexation matters were scheduled to be on the agenda tonight but it sounds like they may not be able to follow the original plan, as deputy mayor Rose Clark opened the “work session” by announcing two councilmembers are absent because of a “medical emergency” — in all, only three are present (Gordon Shaw and Sally Nelson, along with Clark) so they don’t have quorum. The live stream is up nonetheless; you can watch it here. 7:33 PM UPDATE: Brief discussion of the annexation issue in a review of accomplishments: Burien city manager Mike Martin says he’s focusing on an August election, in hopes the annexation “transition” could be made in March/April of 2010. 7:44 PM UPDATE: They’ve concluded no additional members are showing up, so the agenda – including annexation – is now pushed back till next Monday.

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