White Center Community Safety Coalition meeting report #1: Good news and bad news

We’ll bring you two reports on news from last night’s White Center/South Delridge Community Safety Coalition meeting, because there’s PLENTY to report. For starters, though, a quick update on what King County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeff Hancock reported on area crime in the month since the group’s last meeting: No burglaries; only one robbery, and it involved “two people who knew each other”; two felony assaults — one in front of Brewsky’s that left the victim with “13 staples to the head,” according to Deputy Hancock, who added “The victim and suspect were back drinking beer together (yesterday)” — the other involved “a group of homeless people attacking another homeless person with sticks.” He also reported a gang-related “drive-by shooting” in which nobody was hit or hurt – 11 rounds fired at a “gang member’s house” just off Roxbury on 11th SW (county side) last Saturday night. Car-related crime was busier – three car prowls in the area, and, the really big stat – 14 car thefts in the past month in the unincorporated area, 9 of those in the White Center “Weed and Seed” area. Deputy Hancock called this a “huge spike” and said KCSO has contributed a detective to a special area Task Force that will be working on the car-theft problem. More news from the CSC meeting later today.


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