Looking for Southgate Memories

Ron Richardson is preparing a brief history of the historic Southgate Roller Rink.    He would like to include your memories, descriptions, thoughts about the place.   It was built by Hiram Green as a boxing arena, then briefly was a dance hall, and, since 1937, a roller rink.   It has been an important a community gathering place for 60 years.  Please contact Ron to share your memories.  email him at ron.richardson@comcast.net Feel free to attach photos.  Include a caption with photos.

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2 Responses to “Looking for Southgate Memories”

  1. I rollerskated at Southgate from 1949 to 1955. Most of that time we had National Champions including Buzz Kerwin and Janette Fincher. The Hackman’s, who’s parents later built Roller Gardens in Federal Way in 1954 in the Florida Building, which is no longer standing.
    Sherwood Preshowt played the Hammond Organ and Dottie Shores was the head of the Judges panel. The Russel’s were the managers of the rink. The main entrance was originally on 16th. and changed to the back of the rink because of all of the Tavern’s on 16th.
    A big group from Southgate would occasionally go to Renton, Redondo Beach and Tacoma as a group. We would have continuous dancing for hours at the Renton Rollerdrome with Don French playing the organ.
    We had dress up Halloween parties at Southgate every year which were a lot of fun.
    Buzz Kerwin and his family now own roller rinks in Redwood City, CA and Hayward, CA. His name is actually Arthur Merle Kerwin but know by Buzz by all of his family and friends. His brothers Fred, Ken and Russell Kerwin also live in the Seattle area if you want to contact them for more information on getting a hold of Buzz. I haven’t got their phone or Email addresses. I am visiting in Hawaii for the month of Sept. I can check for photos and other memorabilia when I get back to West Seattle in October.
    I own Murray’s Photography Studio in West Seattle since 1965 and am semi-retired and travel alot now. My studio phone number is 206-932-6064 if you want to leave a message for me in Oct. Jay Murray

  2. I believe that Buzz Kerwin and his wife Doreen, who is also a former champion roller skater, actually own a roller rink in Bakersfield Calif. not Redwood City. They were pros briefly at Redwood Roller Rink but I do not believe they ever owned it. At that time it was owned by Red Shattuck and Joe Nazzaro. Buzz Kerwin was a really exciting freestyle skater–fast with sure landings and beautifully laid out and fast spins. I would love to see some videos of some of his routines if they exist. They also had a son, Kevin, who was a champion in junior world class who was supposed to be very good in pairs and freestyle.