Democratic caucuses in White Center on March 9th: ‘First step’ toward 2016

Two weeks from tomorrow – the afternoon of Sunday, March 9th – the 34th (Legislative) District Democrats’ caucuses will happen at the Evergreen campus in White Center. Here’s the official call to caucus; as it mentions, “This is truly the first step in the journey toward the all important 2016 election.” Specific tasks to be accomplished including electing delegates and alternates to the June 21st statewide Democratic convention, registering voters, collecting resolutions and platform issues for the countywide convention in April, and a food drive. The link above explains how to participate; watch the 34th District Democrats’ website for updates.

P.S. The 34th DDs’ big annual summertime fundraiser will be in White Center this year too – it was announced at the group’s February meeting (here’s coverage on our partner site West Seattle Blog) that the annual Garden Party will move to the TAF Bethaday Community Space at Lakewood Park, after years of being held in West Seattle.

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One Response to “Democratic caucuses in White Center on March 9th: ‘First step’ toward 2016”

  1. …”remember 2008″…now 2014, what a mess!! I am not happy with the Dems and the track record for the past 6 years, but if you are, feel free to choose your party.