Video: ‘Winter Fire’ greets winter’s first night at Greenbridge Plaza

As previewed here last night, “Winter Fire” reigned in the reign right after nightfall at Greenbridge Plaza, about seven hours after winter’s official arrival (9:11 our time this morning).

P.S. In nearby Highland Park, a fire performance is also usually part of the “Not So Silent Night” New Year’s Eve parade, which starts from and finishes at HP Improvement Club headquarters – 6:30 pm December 31st.

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2 Responses to “Video: ‘Winter Fire’ greets winter’s first night at Greenbridge Plaza”

  1. This was beautiful. I am so sorry our family missed it. To many holiday irons to attend to. Thanks White Center Now for the coverage. Our family and close friends have been doing a Winter Soltice candle lighting ceremony for years as a different “winter fire” celebration. Everyone, including the many children, extinguish last year’ s light (a candle) to leave a complexity behind, and we all then light a candle to bring our hope for the new year to life. It is very moving and very spiritual. If our White Center dancers continue their wonderful tradition again next year (please do) we will be there cheering them on.

    Mark Ufkes and Lois Schipper et al

  2. Wow! Nice, I am looking forward to seeing this in person next year!! Thank you for sharing :)