It’s the reel deal: Make a (short) movie, send it to the RatCity ArtCity Film Festival!

Tell your tale as a 10-minute-or-less movie, and you might make it into the RatCity ArtCity Film Festival this summer. Here’s the announcement:

In June 2011, White Center curated its first Short Film Festival. Three twenty-minute programs covering a wide range of subjects were hosted by Southgate Roller Rink, Full Tilt, and Big Al Brewing.

We are again calling for submissions for the June 2013 Festival!

This is a one-night festival, held on June 13th in White Center. White Center is located between Seattle and Burien in unincorporated King County. It is a place with a lot of character and characters, where RAT is technically an acronym – but embraced as a mascot. RatCity ArtCity’s mission is to bring and sustain an eclectic, diverse range of art and artists to White Center, focusing on both emerging and well established artists. RCAC has revived the White Center Art Walk that had been in place for the past several years. Amanda Kay Helmick, Devrim Ozkan, and Theresa and Jason Beaulieu are the current facilitators and co-conspirators.

Submission Criteria:

* Completed Films should be under 10:00 total run time and formatted as a Quicktime (a complete spec sheet will be sent to filmmakers).
* Films should be completed and submitted by June 1, 2013
* Subjects and themes can range as the run time is the determining factor for inclusion in the program(s).

We encourage all ages, abilities and filming styles to submit! Remember, all final pieces should be in hand by June 1, 2013.

Please contact Amanda Kay Helmick at for questions, specifications and submissions.

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8 Responses to “It’s the reel deal: Make a (short) movie, send it to the RatCity ArtCity Film Festival!”

  1. When can we stop using the term ratcity? It’s not hip anymore. We should respect the foud nder of our city and remain calling it White center. After mister White.

  2. Dick Thurnau Says:

    boy says is right on the mark

  3. Sara Green Williams Says:

    What a really neat event you are putting on in our community – very excited to share it with my film nerd friends. Go Rat City!

  4. Boy, when you host an event, you can call it what ever you want.

  5. Dick Thurnau Says:

    Common sense needs to prevail

  6. Boy & Dick – I think you should create a short documentary about Mr White and the history of White Center, and submit it to the Film Festival.

  7. … and be sure to include Mr. Green in the film too.

  8. Sara Green Williams Says:

    …and the original people who lived here before this area was settled. Going to research that to satisfy my own curiosity.