White Center Weather Watch: Downtown power outage

Thanks to Athena at Meander’s for flagging us on this – it wasn’t on the Seattle City Light outage map till a short time ago: There’s a power outage in downtown White Center. 65 customers (one customer = one business or home) affected, says SCL. Might not be back on till 4 pm. Looks like it’s affecting the north side of Roxbury around 16th, 17th too.

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3 Responses to “White Center Weather Watch: Downtown power outage”

  1. The east side of 16th, south of Roxbury has power and it appears portions of the west side is out.

  2. The Lights at Cafe Rozella were still on was about to do some home work

  3. Thanks for the post and the hey-hey. I promise, that power outage was NOT because it was my first day at Meander’s! :D