Man accidentally shoots himself, KCSO says

We’re at the scene of a shooting that caused a lot of commotion – then turned out to be accidental. A man has gone to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg, according to King County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Sgt. Cindi West, who talked with us at the scene. She says it appears he was walking with a gun in his pocket; he reached into his pocket, and the gun accidentally went off, with a bullet hitting him in the leg. The wound is not believed to be life-threatening.

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One Response to “Man accidentally shoots himself, KCSO says”

  1. People need to stop shooting themselves behind my house! its very frustrating. their is always problems on 11th and us up on 10th are tired of it! everyone on that block, with the exception of the very nice lady in the yellow house, need to stop with all the drama! its always something, every night their fighting out there. gonna make my a-s walk down the hill at 7 at night to see what the hell is going on. sh-t pisses me off.. im done ranting -Aaliyah