Want to help lead the White Center Community Safety Coalition?

Big changes ahead for the White Center/South Delridge Community Safety Coalition, and you might qualify to be part of them. Here’s a letter from its staff liaisons:

We are excited to be preparing to hold our first elections! As this is the first election, we are accepting nominations for the new Executive Committee until Thursday, February 19th, at 4:00 pm.

The letter continues:

1) What does an Executive Committee member do?
Section 3.06 Responsibilities of the Executive Committee (extract from draft by-laws)
· The Executive Committee may make decisions on behalf of the White Center – South Delridge Community Safety Coalition.
· The Executive Committee shall create such standing committees and ad hoc committees, as it deems necessary.
· The Executive Committee will work to develop and maintain long-term leadership in the group, to enhance its success and sustainability.
· The Executive Committee is responsible to maintain accurate minutes and review them at meetings.

2) What is the time commitment?
Section 3.05 Executive Committee (extract from draft by-laws)
· Term limits – a term is for two (2) years, and a person cannot serve for more than two (2) terms consecutively.
· Meeting Participation: Executive Committee members can have no more than 3 (three) unexcused absences per year.

3) Who is eligible?
Section 3.04 Nominations and Elections (extract from draft by-laws)
· In order to be nominated, a person must have attended six (6) meetings in a 12-month period. If unable to attend the February meeting, nominations can be submitted in writing.
· Voting is open to those persons who attend six (6) meetings within a 12-month period. A secret ballot shall be conducted at the Annual Meeting. Those elected shall take office effective immediately upon determination of the results of the ballot.

4) We ask that those interested submit short answers (around 2 sentences each) to two questions:
· Why are you interested in being on the Executive Committee?
· How have you been involved in the community?

We welcome and encourage residents, and other community-members, including agency representatives to be nominated.

We will be voting on the proposed by-laws at the February 26 meeting. Please submit nominations to Karen Greene: karen@sngi.org or Kathy Kaminski: kathy@sngi.org … Please feel free to contact Karen at (206) 767-0760 with any questions.


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